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Day 43 – ugh!

Got a new assignment from Intern Bill today: come up with as many different words as I can to describe the word “earmark”.  I can use the Internet or whatever.  I don’t even know what an “earmark” is.


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Day 42 – Bill hits on Britney!

Britney admitted to me today that Bill Clinton hit on her in the hallway last Friday during the Christmas party!  He said “I kinda like your type!”  She said he seemed really drunk.  LOL!!!

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Day 28 – more chaos

Sorry gang, was out sick yesterday – too much turkey I think. 😦

Wish I was out today too – it’s a total sh!t storm here again with all this Wiki-leaks crap.  Which is odd because you’d think they’d have seen this coming.  Anyway, all day Britney and I have been deleting emails.  Specifically: any emails between the White House and Hillary Clinton.  I guess they’re worried all this spying she did on diplomats and stuff might come back to them.  There’s even talk Barry’s gonna give her the axe!  What a mess!

We’re supposed to look for other stuff too.  Search terms: China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, muslim, prince, royals, gay, gay bar, Barney Frank, drunk, credit card, brothel, Bill Clinton, stripper, Russian strippers, terrorist, detainee, drug, mule, bitch, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, George Soros, Hugo Chavez, Sean Penn.

So far, we’ve deleted about a thousand emails!  Stay tuned for more!

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Day 14 – shredding day

Britney and I got a new assignment today: shredding!

This morning, Intern Bill came by with a pushcart with @ 15 boxes of documents on it and told us to get to it.  We’ve been at it since then and they keep bringing us more boxes! Ugh! 

We’ve been given a short lunch break but then it’s back to more shredding!  What a great job!

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Day 3 – 4:45pm

Nobody’s around so I poked my head into the Roosevelt Rm. Very nice! Couldn’t go in though because carpet cleaners were in there.  Apparently “Bo” the dog made a bit of a stain.

Bill stopped by and gave me my intern badge. I guess now I’m official!  Woo-hoo!  He also mentioned I’ll be getting an office-mate on Monday, another intern.  Hmmm…

See y’all Monday!

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