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Day 28 – more chaos

Sorry gang, was out sick yesterday – too much turkey I think. ūüė¶

Wish I was out today too – it’s a total sh!t storm here again with all this Wiki-leaks crap.¬† Which is odd because you’d think they’d have seen this coming.¬† Anyway, all day Britney and I have been deleting emails.¬† Specifically: any emails between the White House and Hillary Clinton.¬† I guess they’re worried all this spying she did on diplomats and stuff might come back to them.¬† There’s even talk Barry’s gonna give her the axe!¬† What a mess!

We’re supposed to look for other stuff too.¬† Search terms: China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico,¬†muslim, prince, royals, gay, gay bar, Barney Frank,¬†drunk, credit card, brothel, Bill Clinton, stripper, Russian strippers,¬†terrorist, detainee, drug, mule, bitch,¬†Barbara Boxer, Nancy¬†Pelosi, Harry Reid,¬†Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, George Soros, Hugo Chavez, Sean Penn.

So far, we’ve deleted about a thousand emails!¬† Stay tuned for more!


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Day 21 – chaos!

Hi gang!

Sorry but I was out sick yesterday (and was sick all weekend too!)  I think all the dust from that warehouse got into my lungs.  Yack!  No more shredding for me!

Anyway, back today and the whole place is in chaos.¬† Apparently it all started yesterday when A-Rod (Dave Axelrod) moved up his departure day.¬† I guess that¬†got Barry very upset.¬† But today is reeeeally nuts because of the whole Korean thing…¬† I guess Northern Korea shot a missile¬†at South Korea or something.¬†¬†

Well, the good news is I finally got an interesting assignment out of all of it:¬† “Research and write a short memo for the President’s Chief of Staff(!) on the history of the Korean war including which American President started it and whether it involved oil.”¬†

Due tomorrow.  On it!

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