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Day 45 – Biden steps in it!

We were out in the hallway “celebrating” the tax deal when somebody heard Biden cursing up a storm.  It seems Bo the dog took another shit on the carpet of the Roosevelt Room and Joe stepped in it!  LOL!!


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Day 9 – while the cat’s away…

Yesterday I got three new suits, ties, shirts, a custom pair of Nike Skeets (sweet!) and  a bunch of other stuff with our clothing stipend money. Thinking about a new watch too but can’t decide if I want a Tag or a Rolex.. keep you posted on that.

Been like a party around here this week with Biden running the show.

Today for lunch there was a big spread for all us interns and other staffers in the Roosevelt Room: oysters, caviar, imported cheese, etc., even Champagne (but I don’t think we’re all of age to drink here – LOL!)  Even some of the Secret Service guys got in on the act.

I could’ve eaten the caviar all day (and practically did) but Britney doesn’t like it so she gave hers to “Bo” the Dog who lapped it right up. Hilarious!

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Day 3 – 4:45pm

Nobody’s around so I poked my head into the Roosevelt Rm. Very nice! Couldn’t go in though because carpet cleaners were in there.  Apparently “Bo” the dog made a bit of a stain.

Bill stopped by and gave me my intern badge. I guess now I’m official!  Woo-hoo!  He also mentioned I’ll be getting an office-mate on Monday, another intern.  Hmmm…

See y’all Monday!

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