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Day 28 – more chaos

Sorry gang, was out sick yesterday – too much turkey I think. ūüė¶

Wish I was out today too – it’s a total sh!t storm here again with all this Wiki-leaks crap.¬† Which is odd because you’d think they’d have seen this coming.¬† Anyway, all day Britney and I have been deleting emails.¬† Specifically: any emails between the White House and Hillary Clinton.¬† I guess they’re worried all this spying she did on diplomats and stuff might come back to them.¬† There’s even talk Barry’s gonna give her the axe!¬† What a mess!

We’re supposed to look for other stuff too.¬† Search terms: China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico,¬†muslim, prince, royals, gay, gay bar, Barney Frank,¬†drunk, credit card, brothel, Bill Clinton, stripper, Russian strippers,¬†terrorist, detainee, drug, mule, bitch,¬†Barbara Boxer, Nancy¬†Pelosi, Harry Reid,¬†Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, George Soros, Hugo Chavez, Sean Penn.

So far, we’ve deleted about a thousand emails!¬† Stay tuned for more!


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Day 10 – hungover (ugh!)

Got in kinda late today (feeling hung-over).  Britney and I went out for drinks yesterday after work.  (I had my own motives but got nothing, lol.)  Anyway, that on top of all the champagne I had at lunch really did me in.  But she can drink like a fish and it doesn’t seem to affect her one bit.  Southern chicks! Lol.

Anyway, she gave me the rundown on why we’ve all been hired. I don’t know how she knows stuff but up until last week she interned for this congressman (who shall remain unnamed) who lost.  I guess she overheard all these rumors.  According to her, since last week’s losses, Barry’s team has made the call to shift things back to the WH.  Everything’s gonna be run out of here now.  Also, there’s gonna be some big shake up and heads are gonna roll when he gets back.  So that’s why they wanted all these new bodies.  All hands on deck I guess. We’ll see…

So… heading out to lunch now to get my new watch‚Ķ Tag or Rolex? Hmm‚Ķ


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